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    i have been downloading subtitles from addic7ed for a while. my first season of 'lie to me' subtitles display fine. but everything i've downloaded over the last week now displays strangely.

    the subtitles are spanish. every now and then strange symbols replace letters - the copyright symbol, a capital A with a squiggle on top, a 3... they seem to replace non-english symbols mostly, like accented letters, but not always.

    and yet the older subtitles still display fine. !!!

    i have tried installing a different codec pack (k-lite basic, with the new update from sept. 9), and i have tried several different players. the problem is exactly the same.

    does anyone have any suggestions?
    thanks to all
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    Quite probably those are UTF-8 files which were saved without the UTF-8 byte-order-mark.

    Try opening them in a UTF-8~aware editor (EditPlus, EMEditor, BabelPad), and
    re-save as compliant UTF-8 text.
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