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  1. I opened up my 8.1 version....rec'd this message of MMJB OUT OF MEMORY and then POOF!, my Library of music was decimated to only a tenth of what should've been there.
    I managed to re -populate with backup file but what happened?

    It just happpened again but I powered off and re-boot and libraary was ok.
    Any thoughts?
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  2. time to get rid of the old mmjb. move on to something still updated. mmjb was ok until maybe version 7, how many years ago?
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  3. musicmatch was cool in 2004 but since then i've discovered winamp pro...a whole other story
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    Or try Foobar 2000. Good stuff
    "Quality is cool, but don't forget... Content is King!"
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  5. Understood but do any of these other programs burn and also print jewel case inserts with list of tracks? I can't seem to find program that does this like MM> Open to suggestions.
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  6. does anyone burn cds from mp3s anymore? they were a bad sounding fad to begin with. and no i haven't seen another player that does everything mmjb did. i used it from v5 to v8 myself but now use mediamonkey.
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  7. ....also was good to make inserts for DVDs. Old software but still versatile and effective.
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