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  1. I periodically restore my computer to 'out-of-box' state when it starts giving me problems that I can't solve.

    The last time I did this, I believe the term is 'made an image' of my C:drive onto a separate internal hard drive. This was after all Windows updates and installation of all my programs.

    I want to restore or replace (I'm not sure of the correct term) my C:drive data with the image I made. Do I just go into the Acrnois software, find that image and hit restore?

    I hope I'm explaining what I want to do clearly. Does anybody have any advice or the proper steps to do this?

    Thanks for any help you can provide.

    (Yes, I know there is an Acronis forum.)
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    If you're starting with a clean/freshly formatted C: drive, use the Acronis CD, boot from it, and then follow what you suggested - use the Acronis SW to locate & restore the image you saved. That will re-create the entire C: as you had it before: OS, programs, data. Hopefully that's what you were asking.

    (I use Acronis as my backup/imaging tool as well, but (fortunately) I've never had to restore anything, so the above is not based on practical experience but rather my understanding of the procedure. YMMV, as usual. )
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  3. Thanks, Jim! I popped in the CD and saw the option. I'll do it this weekend. I appreciate the time you took to reply!
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    MAKE SURE you have backed up your user data files, office files, media files, favorites, emails, reg database (to view/check how it used to be) etc. to other media 1st, as they'll be wiped out by the restore...

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  5. Remember that Acronis lets you restore individual files and folders as well as the complete disk. If you are sure where your problem lies it might be possible to do a partial restore and leave the rest of your disk as it is. You have nothing to lose by trying if you planned a complete restore anyway.

    Click on the TIB file and it will open as a virtual disk so you can copy files/folders from it back to your main drive.

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    i7 2700K @ 4.4Ghz 16GB DDR3 1600 Samsung Pro 840 128GB Seagate 2TB HDD EVGA GTX 650
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  7. Thanks for the additional replys, guys. I'm not sure where my problem lies, but my computer is crashing/freezing it least once a day. It's really getting annoying and I don't know where to start.
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