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  1. i want to burn some avi and mpeg1 vids to dvd but not both type vids on the same dvd. I want to know what software free or pay that i can use to create a dvd to put my videos on and watch on my dvd player. What software would be best or can I use to do this. thanks
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    You can use DVDFlick...
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    It's been a while since I have done this but personally I use to like\use DIKO because it will let you select which Mpeg2 encoder to use, which is really great if you want the best quality. There may be other tools that allow you to select Mpeg encoding mechanism as well but I wouldn't know which ones. If you do chose a utillity that gives you the choice, CCE would be my first choice I think its $58 for the basic version. With the free Mpeg encoder HC Encoder being a close second.

    Personally I like full control over my projects and use CCE to encode video.
    V.I Stereo to 5.1 can be use with many audio tools to create 5.1 stereo sound from 2 channel sources.
    I use Soften Encode to encode the audio to AC3. The author with DVD Maestro (for very complex menus), or DVD lab if I'm keeping it simple.

    Don't know if the DVD Maestro and Soften Encode are still available, the came pre-installed on a turnkey unit i bought about 15 years ago. There are freeware alternatives to most of tools mention above. Most can be found on this site along with their guides.
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