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    I'm trying to use the Cyberlink filters for media playback in MPC-HC. This used to work fine with version 7 but now I simply can't load the Cyberlink audio decoder. Here is an example with DVD playback.

    Here I have both Cyberlink filters with "prefer" setting, while the other two are blocked.


    The video decoder loads fine but the audio is passed back to the internal AC3 decoder!

    I have disabled all relevant transform filters (AC3, DTS, MPEG-2 Video, etc.). I am really stumped, appreciate any help.

    ( Vista SP2 x64, MPC-HC 1.3.1249.0 x86, PowerDVD 8.0.3017b.50, ffdshow rev3020 20090628 clsid x86 )
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  2. From investigating this myself it seems that this would work in Windows XP but not in Vista nor Windows 7. You would need to use the ffdshow decoder first to decode to LPCM then feed that to the CyberLink decoder. A bit long-winded, but it works. I wrote up a guide with full details here:
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