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  1. Hi

    I have a Panasonic DMR EZ27 Dual DVD-VHS Box and am trying to convert some old educational tapes to DVD. Some work fine with tape over the back but a few just fail on copy protection. I have read about signal boosters. Is there any way around this problem using the Panasonic box or will I have to do it through the PC?

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    From my understanding, such a signal/decoder/stabilizer type of tool is meant to be situated "in between" the VHS playback and the capturing device.

    For a stand-alone VCR to a capturing device this is straightforward since the wires/cables are external and can be easily mediated with the tool.

    On a combo machine, it seems theoretically possible, but in practice seems only possible if you gut the machine to install this tool and you may have to know something about electronics to do so to capture copy-protected tapes.

    But before shopping for other capturing equipment, or fetching that soldering iron you just so happen to have conveniently around, are you able to hook a separate, stand-alone, VCR into your combo and record this way without needing the internal VCR unit? If so, then you can use such a decrypting tool very easily.
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