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  1. I have the following AAC file:
    But Media Player Classic (Version will not play the file.
    However, if you install
    Magic AAC to Mp3 Converter 3.7 (install only trial version, no need to pay or register)
    then you can use Media Player Classic to play the above AAC file.
    Question: If anybody knows what is the 1 crucial file that allows Media Player Classic to play this AAC file, please tell me. I really don't want Magic AAC to Mp3 Converter on my computer. I only want just the 1 necessary file that allows me to play AAC with Media Player Classic
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    I installed this one from Orban some time ago,
    to listen to a particular streaming radio station that claimed the best audio, which was interesting
    That seems to be what plays it for me.
    The VCSwap program (lists all codecs) has it on my DirectShow filters list as Orban-CT AAC/aacPlus Stream Parser 1.0.44 - plays MP4/3GP
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  3. I am really confused. Please help. I wanted to keep just the necessary files (from Magic AAC to Mp3 Converter) and then delete that software. I went to Program Folders/Magic AAC to Mp3 Converter and carefully deleted (put in Recycle Bin) all the files except those that were necessary to play the AAC file with Media Player Classic. I deleted all the files except 3 files (see screenshot). With just these 3 files, I could still play the AAC file with Media Player Classic. I copied these 3 files into a another folder in Program files, then put all the deleted files back into the Program Folders/Magic AAC to MP3 Converter, then un-installed the Magic AAC to Mp3 Converter software. However, as soon as I un-installed the Magic AAC to Mp3 Converter software, I couldn't play the AAC file any more with Media Player Classic. So there must be some other necessary files that are lurking hidden somewhere else in the computer, but I don't know where. Do you have any idea where these important files might be hidden? I did a search, but couldn't find anything.

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    [ nevermind ]

    jimdagys, thanks a lot for improving the DirectShow structure of my PC.

    All you should do is register the .ax file again.

    regsvr32 "path-to\"

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  5. OK, looking at your screenshot, it seems there is something(s) in the registry that are necessary and get deleted when I un-install the Magic AAC to Mp3 Converter. Dealing with the "Registry" is not one of my strong points.
    What do you mean, I have to
    "register the .ax file again."? How do I do that?
    And what is this code (regsvr32 "path-to\"). What do I do with it?
    What are the steps (step by step) I need to take to modify the Registry (or the computer) so that I can solve this problem (play AAC file with Media Player Classic after I un-install Magic AAC to Mp3 Converter)? I don't want to install any software, only the necessary few dlls and files that let me play AAC files with Media Player Classic.
    When you say
    jimdagys, thanks a lot for improving the DirectShow structure of my PC.
    I have no idea what you are talking about. Are you thanking me for something or being sarcastic?
    I really would appreciate if you could help me with this because I feel there is some important computer knowledge that can be learned by solving this problem.
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    No sarcasm was intended, otherwise I would not have added the icon.

    Actually, before I had read your latest posts, I didn't know that neither ffdshow,
    nor CoreAAC, *cannot* decode the so-called "parametric stereo" (read: HE-AAC, v.2)
    (whereas foobar2000, Winamp and Mplayer can, indeed).

    Now, to make things even simpler: I downloaded the original codec package from the site of
    its author ( ), decompressed the .zip archive to the chosen folder,
    and double-clicked the file "register.bat".

    Again, thanks for helping me to improve my personal knowledge base.


    I've just checked: when inside a MKV container, the stream from the file "Channel.aac"
    YES is decoded normally by CoreAAC.

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  7. I figured it out. (How to play AAC file with Media Player Classic without installing any software (except a few small files.) Just download this archive:
    and put the yellow folder (called MPC AAC) in your Program Files (see screenshot 1). Then just double click on the
    and you will be able to play the AAC files with Media Player Classic.
    Note 0): You can also get these files from:
    Note 1): If you want to unregister the files, just double click
    Then you won't be able to play the AAC file.
    Note 2): If you want to live dangerously, instead of clicking
    you can do the same thing by using the DOS prompt from Start>Run>Cmd>OK
    You must first navigate using DOS commands to the
    C:\Program Files\MPC AAC
    folder. Then type in
    and press enter. (See screenshot 2.)
    If you can figure out and are successful using the DOS prompt, that means that the
    file is unnecessary and can be deleted. You only really need 3 files:

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  8. All you did was install an AAC decoder. Why are you still using MPC? It's outdated. MPCHC is the new version of the program and it has most source filters and decoders built in. Including AAC. MPCHC filters:
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    Originally Posted by jagabo View Post
    Use MPCHC instead of MPC.
    I am very disappoint of MPCHC cause it won't play vob files what MPC does.
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