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  1. I have used different audio stream rippers and noticed several different things can happen if the internet speed is too slow:
    1) Using StreamRipper32 (freeware), if the internet is too slow, the file will be written over, in other words, a 5 hour file may suddenly turn into a 5 minute file and so you lose everything
    2) Using Mini-stream Ripper (payware) , if the internet is too slow, the file will jump ahead. This seems to happen about every 4 minutes. If I am listening to a song, about every 4 minutes, it will jump ahead a period of time.
    3) Using StreamHijacker (freeware), if the internet is too slow, it will simply stop ripping.

    In actual use with a slow internet, however, I have found StreamHijacker works the best. In my experience, it will never write over the file, or skip ahead. It will only stop ripping if the internet gets really, really slow. Usually I can
    get a perfect 8- hour rip with StreamHijacker, something I could never do with the other rippers.
    My question is: Why is StreamHijacker so much better than the other rippers?
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    MOving you to our streaming forum section as this is not an audio issue.
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