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    I recently got a Phillips dvp5990 DVD player with USB connection. I love it. I can play AVI and WMV (DIVX) with no problem. It has been great no eating though Blank DVDs for one off things I would like to watch. I watch a lot of anime which tend to come in MKV file format with Dual Audio and Subtitles. I have been using ConvertXtoDVD which is awesome, but I have been wanting to try to do them in AVI/WMV format so I can fit a season on 1 or 2 DVDs instead of 6-8 disks. The problem is I havenít found a converter convert MKV to WMV with Dual Audio and subtitle (not hard coded). They will convert but drop the extra Language and subtitles. I know I can MKV Extract the AVI, Audio(s), and subtitle file, and I can combine them with different software. But the root of the problem is I am lazy and/or I donít have time to due it. I need as much automated as possible. Like convertXtoDVD itís fire and forget, start the process and come back in 2 hours.

    So my question is what software is best to convert to WMV files with Dual Audio and subtitles. I am happy to purchase software to save me time. In fact I might prefer purchased software, it tends to easier/stream lined more the Freeware (though it tends to be pretty powerful)

    Here is some software I tried.
    Total Video Converter
    MKV Converter
    ImtTooVideo Converter.
    (This did convert but did not keep the Dual audio or subtitles)

    Thanks for any help
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    WMV isn't DivX.

    As far as I know, the WMV container doesn't support dual audio or soft subtitles. I'm not sure there are any converters that'll easily convert an MKV with soft subtitles and more than one audio track into an equivalent AVI, however, so you'll probably have to demux the AVI and convert everything manually. AVIDemux might convert the MKV into a dual-audio AVI, but you'd still probably have to demux the subtitles. (I haven't tried it - I've just gotten too used to demuxing everything and converting manually. )

    If they're in a format AVIAddXSubs support, you can use that to add the subtitles as a switchable stream to the AVI.
    Note that the 5990 does support external subtitle files (although that support may be a little more limited if you're using the most recent versions of vb6rocod's custom firmware), so you can also leave them as external .srt/.sub/.idx&.sub/.ssa files. I'd be happy if it supported .ass subtitle files, though.
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