Hi All.

Do BOTH the HG281DP and the HG281DJ models have DVI in?

I have tried searching the Internet, looked at reviews of this monitor which mention the specs, looked at websites which sell the monitor, looked on the HannsG website and I even contacted HannsG in both the UK AND US, however, even their own staff do not seem to know the answer and everyone seems to say somnething different. Does anyone own either of these models and can state the correct info for 100% certain?

What is the difference between the HG281DP and GH281DJ?

According to some, the colour of the bases are different.
According to some, the DJ model has an adjustable arm and the other doesn't.
According to some, the DJ model is slightly bigger overall (probably due to the adjustable arm).

I really do not care about all of the above. My main point of concern is that one website review claimed that the DJ monitor does not have a DVI port, whereas another website states that the DP monitor does have a DVI port. I could only find the DJ model's specifications on the HannsG website, which lists it as follows:

Input 1 - VGA, Audio
Input 2 - HDMI (HDCP)
Input 3 - Component (via VGA-Input)

The DP model sold at a website states:

VGA In - 1 x 15-pin D-sub
Digital In - 1 x DVI-D
HDMI Ports - 1 x HDMI

Can someone please help clear up the confusion between the different models of the HG281D monitor in terms of the DVI port??