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    Hi everyone

    At least once a week (including just recently today) I come across a comment or two about poor results in areas having "fades" when encoding with x264. I'm wondering if it is bitrate specific or a mixture of various encoding params used.

    Can someone give a number of scene examples, prefereably from DVD sources ?

    1* We all have plenty of dvd sources in our libraries, but on the chance that someone posts some scene examples, it would be nice if a short 10mb or so clip be uploaded..all I ask is that you not use rapidshare since they D/L at aprox 24k on my workstation.

    2* it would be nice if other chime in and share their own personal encodeing results..would be interesting to see and possibly compare results.

    I'd like to see what all the fuss is about with fades, or maybe we could figure out a few ways to reduce it, unless its not that important. Its just that I see it mentioned a lot around here and maybe its time to do something about it, or not


    -vhelp 5190
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  2. A new feature called mbtree was implemented in x264 from revision 1197 onward. mbtree allows for dramatic improvements in quality/bitrate efficiency, but can cause artifacting in fades. This could be what the problem is.

    When a feature called weighted prediction (weightp) is finally implemented, mbtree's problem with fades will be fixed.

    If you're referring to revisions before mbtree, I guess we'll need to see those samples after all.
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