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  1. I need a program (preferably free) for joining two RM files.
    Any recommendation?
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    Real uses a highly proprietary video format and they discourage outside software development for their format, so you may not find many editing programs, free or otherwise. Besides that, a lot of RM video uses variable bitrate video and audio, which makes it really hard to join without sync problems. But you can try this freeware program: Easy RealMedia Producer & Editor

    I just convert it to a different format, then do any required editing. I use Any Video Converter Free Version to convert the format to something more usable.
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  3. Thanks.
    I tried to convert RM to AVI but the resulted file is too big.

    I have managed to do the job using a program called: Boilsoft Video Joiner.
    Not free, but fast (this application join video files without re-encode)
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