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  1. I came back to video help after a long absence.

    I ran AGK and followed the directions on the sticky and additionally make the avi smaller without going below half the content size.

    That Control+Function8 key is certainly a secret. Will see how the job goes.

    AGK found and filtered the right sub to the control menu.

    The original has a separate .sub sub file so I hope the job gets picked up correctly. Will report back.

    It seems too easy.

    I'll report back.

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  2. After selecting the sub off the menu, AGK halted and said it couldn't find the file specified.

    Where did I goof?
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  3. Time wasted but I think I did it right this time.

    Hoping for success.
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    loninappleton, in the future please use a more descriptive subject title in your posts to allow others to search for similar topics. I will change yours this time. From our rules:
    Try to choose a subject that describes your topic.
    Please do not use topic subjects like Help me!!! or Problems.
    Moderator redwudz
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  5. Ok, understood. No more cuteness.

    Feel free to change it to Add sub using AGK. And send a reply in the usal way to confirm.

    The error in finding the sub file remains. I can see how the processing takes place and is loaded, but the error persists.

    Since the file name is unusually long, I will rename and move both avi and subtitle file to something shorter and try again.
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  6. Originally Posted by loninappleton
    The original has a separate .sub sub file so I hope the job gets picked up correctly
    What kind of SUB file is this? Is it the text based SUB, or is it the image based SUB, that comes together with an IDX file? If the latter, you have to use the drop-down box to load it successfully.
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  7. Yes, there is an .idx and a .sub file.

    This has been confusing since I do not understand how idx files work.

    Please say how to use the drop down box to add both .idx and .sub files.
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  8. When you go to select the subs, hit the little triangle/drop-down box to the right of "Files of type":

    Then go and find the IDX and load it.
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  9. Ok, so the idx replaces the .sub for the conversion (?)

    I will try it.
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  10. Originally Posted by loninappleton
    Ok, so the idx replaces the .sub for the conversion (?)
    No, the IDX contains the timings and other information (open it in Notepad and see) while the SUB contains the images (don't open it as it'll appear to be gibberish). They work together.
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  11. I have delayed slightly in checking the results of this procedure.

    Today I can say that the instruction given above was a big success.

    I was able to resize the content file and add the .idx as a hard sub all in one compact .avi file.

    Thanks to videohelp for the procedure.
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