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  1. Sorry for the length, this project has got me really confused and I need new ideas;

    What I have is 2 DVDs that have 4 episodes (subtitled) each on them (disc one & two) what I want to do is combine them onto one disc and make a main menu that links to the 8 episodes keeping the subtitles intact.

    I normally would try something like DVD Decrypter to strip the episodes and SubRip to extract the subtitles then manually put everything back together in Adobe Encore. The problem is they are not broken down into separate episodes they are one long VTS which would not be a problem except for the subtitles then I would basically have to rebuild and re-time them (not going to do that).

    So instead I have merged the 2 DVDs in DVD Fab (it stripped menus) but it kept the subtitles - I think this simply combines the two but I cannot play it in power DVD so I'm not sure of the first play? I then created a functioning menu in Adobe Encore creating 8 buttons. Now how do I add this menu to the merged VOBs and link them to the proper episodes? I thought I could do this in VOBblanker but the guide says to "replace the current menu" I do not have a current menu in the project? I also can't figure out how to do this in PGCedit but it seems possible?
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  2. There are a couple of ways to do this. Here's one:

    and here's another and easier (since it keeps the original menus intact) way:

    For the first one you'll have to check if you did the same thing using Encore as the guide does using DVD Lab Pro - that is, creating dummy Titles that then get replaced with the real thing in PGCEdit. You'll have only 2 titles and the episode menu will link to chapters within each title rather than to separate titles.

    I don't know anything about what DVD Fab does. The usual way to combine 2 DVDs (while losing the menus) is to use DVD Shrink.
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  3. Thanks Manono for the reply (I must say you answer a lot of my questions on here and I thank you for that!).

    Those things don't really help me, I have checked all the guides. I have it merged fine, I inserted my own menu in place of the standard "D1 & D2" menu that it gives you and then here is where I hit a snag. My project now has two VTS' and each one has 4 chapters (1-4 for VTS1 and 1-4 for VTS2 total of eight) I need to link my menu with 8 buttons to those.

    I can't figure that part out, but I just noticed that the DVD Remake forum is still going so I'll ask over there.
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  4. Like I said, if you have DVDRemake Pro, it's by far the easier of the 2 methods because you keep the original menus. It just adds a new menu for you to then go to either of the 2 DVDs. You don't really have to know anything.

    I guess what you're asking is how to set up the commands to do what you want. It's pretty complex because in most, if not all, cases you can't go directly to the episode from the menu (unless the menu is in the same VTS as the episodes, probably not the case), but have to stop off at one or 2 other places on the way there, making sure to have the right commands. And you have to know about GPRMs, something I've steadfastly refused to learn. Good luck.
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