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  1. hi,
    i am trying to run subtitles on my d-link dsm-750 for a long time now. the latest success i had is to put .srt subs into a .mkv container using ripbot. if i do that i am forced to re-encode the whole video (as there is no option to just copy stream), although i am not actually stamping the subs to the video. i.e. i can switch them off if i want to. i cannot include subs whatsoever using any other kind of muxer: xvid4psp, mkvmerge, virtualdub, avidemux. what is ripbot doing that all these other tools cannot do ?
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    I'm pretty sure ripbot uses mkvtoolnix (mkvmerge and it is included in the ripbot package) to add switchable subs to a mkv. But to be sure you can ask in the doom9 forum topic:
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