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  1. i used Xvid4psp to remux a .mkv file (vidoe stream: copy). the original .mkv, when opened with mediainfo gives: Display aspect ratio : 2.401. after remuxing - "Display aspect ratio : 16/9". ?! resolution of both files: 960x544 pixels.
    the original file when played on my stand alone player, it stretches the pic to 16:9, but not when played on the PC. so i guess there is something wrong with the original file. what could it be ?
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  2. remux to what container? just set the display flag to whatever you want.

    960x544 with 1:1 pixels is approximately 16/9 so I don't see what the problem is, can you clarify?
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  3. hm... 960x544 is 16:9 indeed remuxed to .mkv as well. The picture is distorted (stretched vertically) if it runs on 16:9. on my computer runs fine without the "resize & aspect" filter in ffdshow. on the NEW .mkv it will NOT, and i just did "copy stream". on the NEW .mkv i need to set the "specify aspect ratio" to 2.35:1 in ffdshow in order for the picture not to be streched.

    where is this display flag ?
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  4. Use mkvmergegui (mkvtoolnix) to remux into mkv. Highlight the video track, format specific options tab, aspect ratio => set it , press start muxing

    Even if SAR information is used in the encoded stream, the DAR flag in the mkv container should override it
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  5. You actually want a DAR of 2.401, I'm guessing, so use MKVmerge to set that ratio like PDR said.
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  6. It worked! well on my PC, that is. on my stand alone dsm-750 still displays it as 16:9 streched. i guess stand alone players (maybe mine only) don't care about flags, just dipslays whatever the resolution is.

    when i used mkvmerge, i also included some subtitles and they did get succesfully added to the container, but they wont show on the player, only on the PC. please take a look at this thread also:
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