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    I moved the hdd from one room to another and when i plugged it in EXACTLY how it was (dad is a cable guy),
    there is no audio and when I push rec it starts to record but won't move past 1 sec and locks up. Then I have
    to do a hard reboot to get it to turn back on.

    I formatted the harddrive so nothing is on it.

    playing a dvd in the machine has no audio also, but you can see video.

    I changed out the harddrive and still same problem

    can this be fixed? If so can I do it myself. my dad is pretty good with electronics.

    Please help me. I have a ton of stuff to record this week.

    see my big brother 6 music video I created. tell me what you think about it.

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    I'd love to hear a response to JaneyDoll's problem. My DMR-E85H recently began to display the exact same symptoms after I lost power a couple times.

    1. No audio at all from recorded shows or directly (non-record mode)
    2. Recording starts, counts to 0001 and stays there without recording anything, even though the 'recording' progress bar keeps moving.

    I've verified cables are good and solidly connected, tried the second audio output jacks, and know the TV gets sound from other sources and on its own. Tried multiple hard resets of the DVR. Panasonic Tech support suggest that I send it in for repair.

    Any advice would be appreciated.
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  3. Just wondering if you guys have heard anything, or learned anything about your problem with the DMR E85H. I have the same problem.
    Could either one, or both of you guys let me know if you fixed it?
    Thanks alot!!!
    And by the way. I am able to get audio out of the digital/optical out. But it doesn't help the record problem
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