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  1. Does anyone know what the ideal format for watching videos on the zune?

    I hate how when i get videos, the zune software will say it's transferring the video to my zune when in actuality, it's converting the file then sending it to my zune.. Takes forever.
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    the xmedia recode preset - microsoft - zune h264 works well.
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    I can only speak for the 30gb zune that I own - the best way to ensure no "converting" when synching is to use 320x240 wmv. That will take immediately and simply copy over to the zune without any processing.

    Know I've been told the newer zunes like the 120gb or 80gb will accept more mp4 formats. My zune 3.0 software will take some mp4 files but still seems to convert a lot of them.

    But as I said if you convert to 320x240 wmv it will take it without converting.
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