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  1. Hello guys,

    I have a question related with subtitles, I do the conversion fine but I have a problem with subtitles, on the preview button they appear in a perfect quality but after converting avi to dvd, the subtitles loose a lot of quality.

    Anyone knows why they loose quality ?

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    Originally Posted by somenho
    The Preview uses mplayer to render the text subtitles in real time using the full color space and anti-aliasing, while the selectable DVD subtitles are rendered by a different tool, and also in a limited color set (2 bits per pixel, as per DVD requirement) without anti-aliasing. If the used font is thin, like a standard Arial, this is more noticeable. A commercial DVD will often have a semi-bold font, to lessen this effect. The enlarged subtitle below shows this on a commercial title. Don't expect better results with selectable subtitles.
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  3. Thanks Case for the reply I will try with another type of font and see the results ,)
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