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  1. I have a number of main movies backed up to a hard drive. Only the VIDEO_TS folder is showing, with a single VOB file, a single IFO file, and a text file in each of these folders.

    The VOB files are typically about 4 GB. These were backed up with DVD Decryptor.

    Is it possible to copy these back to DVDs, and then have them be recognized by most DVD players?

    Can I use a regular DVD data copy program, or do the VOB files need to be re encoded?
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    You must reauthor them but you shouldn't have to reencode. You could try guifordvdauthor or dvd flick and add the vob and make a new DVD(you may have to choose to not reconvert compliant dvd mpeg or similar in the dvd flick settings). You don't have to make menus. Then burn the new VIDEO_TS using Imgburn.
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