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    Hi, didn't find anything relevant on the subject

    What I want is to find a way how I could automatically cut out commercials in the beginning and in the end of a video file. Automatically since the same should be done for tens of videos.

    So would it be possible for e.g. snap example frames (start/end point) from one of the clips, then whenever that frame appears in any of the clips, the contents before/after are deleted automatically. Is there any software to do that?

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    If you are cutting mpeg files then you could use videoredo and it ad-detective tool. It scans the file for black frames (fade in/out) and makes the cuts for you. But be aware that no matter how well you tweak the parameters it's still not exact and if you ask me it's still a good idea to scan over the file to make sure that the cuts are correct. I have the most problems with show that have lots of fade in/outs i.e. the new "Defying Gravity". I record it with my tivo and then cut the commercials with videoredo. It never fails that some of the actual show are cut out along with the commercials. Defying gravity has many fade in/out spots seperating scenes in the show. Videoredo thinks that those fade outs are the marker for a commercial.

    For the most part though videoredo is probably the best you can get for automatic commercial detection. It handles most shows with no problems.

    There is also a freeware program called comskip that I have never used but I do know that it requires much more manual setting than videoredo does.
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