So my DVD drive won't read DVDs but can write them. I am currently using DVD-RW disks to burn DVDs that plays just fine on my DVD player connected to my TV. However, I was trying to erase the DVD-RW disk after I watched the movie on the TV but the drive keeps saying that there is no disk in drive.

Additional info:
I have a "DVD Multi Recorder" (just reading what it says on the drive).
The type is: ATAPI DVD A DH20A4P (I bought a custom computer so its all generic brands I think)
I did notice from the beginning that the DVD drive won't play DVDs rented from Blockbuster.
I don't have any trouble writing CDs and playing them.

Please help me! Otherwise, I just spent $15 on 10 DVD-RWs for nothing. Or is it just a compatibility issue with DVD-RWs?