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  1. Hi There,

    I have a Sony DCR-HC90E which i've been using with a Raynox DVR-5000 0.5 Super wide angle for years..

    Would i benifit from upgrading to the Raynox HD-5050PRO, 0.5x, Super Wide Angle Lens ?

    This is more expensive and made for HD which my camera is not but i am thinking its better glass so will i get a better picture or it the one i'm using more than good enough for my camera ?

    Any advice much appreciated

    Also it is the 37mm Raynox HD-5050PRO, 0.5x, Super Wide Angle Lens i am looking at, is this the correct one for my Sony DCR-HC90E with 30mm filter size ? the lense doe's come with step up rings


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  2. i assume you looked at the comparisons of the 2 at the raynox site? the new lens provides a much sharper image and would be a benefit to any cam over the 5000. as to whether it fits your cam, you'll need to do that research, but i would guess it does.
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  3. Thanks Minidv2dvd,

    I went ahead and orderd it earlier so thanks for confirming it was worth spending the extra bucks..

    I checked with the guy on bhphoto & said it was the right one for my cam so hopefully it turns up intime for my shoot.. 50 frigging bucks postage too !
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