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  1. Hope this is the correct forum for this

    What I have been doing...
    DVDFab to take the main movie from a DVD to my HDD
    HandBrake to take the main movie to a single (1GB) AVI file

    The problem...
    I have DVDs with multiple episodes.
    Handbrake makes an avi file for each one instead of making a single AVI.
    Tried using DVD shrink but it still gives me multiple VOBs.
    Also tried joining the AVIs together but takes way to much time and the quality is not good.

    My question...
    Is there a way to take six 30 minute movies from one DVD and get them into one single AVI file?
    Quality of video and audio is very important to me along with perfect synchronization.

    I love the DVDFab + HandBrake combo because its quick, easy and awesome quality.
    Am I missing a trick or option or something with this combo or do I need a different program?

    Major thanks in advanced for any and all help!
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  2. Originally Posted by RedCorvus
    Also tried joining the AVIs together but takes way to much time and the quality is not good.
    If you Direct Stream Copy the AVIs while joining them, the quality of all of them together is exactly the same as before the joining. It sounds to me like you're encoding them for a second time. And it shouldn't take very long either, no more than a very few minutes, depending on computer speed.
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    Go to and download the joinvobfilestool.

    Simple and fast. You end up with one large vob file. No compression, no quality loss
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  4. Thank you all for the help!

    Already have the VOBs joined into a single VOB and currently handbrake is converting it over to a single AVI.

    Both programs are quick and easy.

    This is exactly what I was looking for, thanks again for the help guys
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