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  1. Hello everyone.

    I have an m2v file, an ac3 file and a sup file I'd like to mux together. I usually use IFOEdit but for some reason it keeps crashing. I also had ReJig, which keeps crashing as well. What software should I use to mux these together as vob files?

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  2. Use Muxman. It's better than IFOEdit for authoring anyway. It also accepts M2Vs, AC3 audio, and SUP subtitle files. If something happens and it doesn't complete, check the Muxman log in the root of the C drive for the reason.

    I suspect, however, that there's something wrong with one of the assets if IFOEdit crashes in the middle of the mux.
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  3. Muxman won't recognise the m2v file. Well it does, but it won't let me select it. I'm in the process of ripping the m2v again (in case something was wrong) and I'll try both methods again.

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    How did you create the m2v file ?
    Are you sure it is a true elementary stream ?
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  5. I used DVD Decrypter to demux streams. I ripped the file again with VobEdit and it muxed just fine with Muxman.
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