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  1. Can anyone lend a hand with this very odd problem?

    I upgraded to IE 8 a while back. Windows update, etc works fine. About three weeks ago I went to check for updates (I do this myself, not automatically) and IE gives me a windows saying that

    "thank you for your interest but in order to get webupdates from this site you must be running IE 5 or greater."

    It then gives me the link to DL IE ver 8. (microsoft's site)

    my about file still shows IE 8 and what version I am running.

    For arguments sake I had IE8 re-install all was fine and did some upgrades, now a few weeks later once again this problem comes up

    anyone have any idea what in the world is going on??

    I do use and prefer firefox, but since IE is still on here I do keep it upgraded as well

    UPDATE: boy that was fast!! It seems Norton 2009 anti virus was blocking something. I turned it off and once I did that IE8 was working fine.

    so take note if you use Norton antivirus 2009 and have the same issue as I did
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    Norton Strikes Again.
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  3. Thanks for the feedback.
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