Dear all
Can anybody please explain me how the different Camcorders handle subtitles?
What I mean is: I have heard that miniDV camcorders will store their timecounter values as subtitles inside the avi file.
If the video is played back on the LCD or if the camcorder is directly connected to a TV then these "subtitles"(=the time counter values) can be turned on or off.
Now, if someone likes to edit the avi file and then burn a DVD can the miniDV subtitles somehow becaome the DVD subtitles which can be turned on/off via the remote control of the DVD player?
And, if the video is cut before it is authored and burned to DVD, will the time counter values automatically be adjusted to the cut video? Do the various editors like Videostudio, Adobe Premiere, Pinnacle etc support this?
And what about miniDVD camcorders? Do they automatically create DVD subtitles with the time counter values?
Can someone please shed some light on this for me?