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  1. Hello - What do you guys think of MAC MINI for video editing?
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    I wouldn't recommend it for editing. It has a slow CPU, small hard drive and not much RAM. You might read this review:

    I would probably go for a regular PC as you can find several close to the price of a Mac Mini with arguably better features and performance. The higher end Macs may have some advantages, but they can get expensive.
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  3. I use a MacBook Pro and a Mini for some tasks, and a generic Windows box for others.

    It depends what kind of editing you're talking about: for simple DV camcorder stuff the Mini can be fine. If you want to get fancy with Final Cut Pro and HD video, you'll want a more powerful Mac. Apple seems to have centered itself around the "creating and editing original material today" field: if thats the work you do, a Mac is a great tool (although you might need something stronger than a Mini).

    If you primarily want to work with existing poorly-recorded videos, or ripped files from DVD, etc, get a PC: after an early lead, Apple seems to have lost the interest of these types of video software programmers- many more freeware/shareware options are available on Windows. If this kind of work is your primary interest, take a look at the "restoration" forums here and see if the Mac alternatives will suit you (and run well on a Mini). Long-time expert members like LordSmurf use both platforms and often weigh in on the pros and cons.
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