Hi All

I have tried the hacks listed on this page but it does not seem to work. I have installed firmware v3.07 on my dvd recorder but it still does not work.

Every time i hit play, it will play a previously recorded file.

Can anyone help PLEASE?! Any help would be much appreciated.

This is what has been posted on this page

Region code hack posted by Lar5, June 12 2008:
Successfully tested on my Philips DVDR5520H/58

- No disk in tray.
- Tray closed.
Press: [HDD LIST] (donīt select a file)
Press: [Play]
Press: 159 12 12 12 005 255 (numbers appear in the display)
Press: [Play]

You get no feedback that it works, but test with any region now. The player is now region free.