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    Hi All,

    I am looking at buying a new camera, Panasonic Luminx TZ7, will Adobe Premier Elements recognise the HD voider recodered in AVCHD Lite Mode, I don't want to buy the camera only to find out my editing program clashed with the file footage from the camera.


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    Assume not unless you can verify otherwise in a Lumix or Premiere Elements forum with actual users.

    AVCHD "Lite" seems to be more of a marketing term than a technical specification and is deceptive and non-descriptive IMO. The AVCHD official site says AVCHD Lite means restricted to 1280x720p. Original AVCHD was 1440x1080i. I assume 1920x1080p might be called AVCHD "heavy"?

    Typical 1280x720p AVCHD has a 17Mb/s bit rate and a 15 frame GOP (at 30p) but the standard is loose and often not compatible between manufacturers.

    Normally "PAL" equipment use 25 fps and a 12 frame GOP. Many digital cameras seem to be ignoring 25fps. This is important if you want to convert to PAL DVD or PAL Blu-Ray without frame rate conversion losses.
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