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    I intend to add a new language track (L2) to an existing DVD. But the added audio file is damaged in certain parts, so I will replace these segments with the original language (L1). Whenever L1 is on, I want subtitles corresponding L2 to be automatically shown then disappear when L2 is back again.

    Is it possible to do so? How?

    Thanks is advance.
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  2. Yes, it's not only possible but fairly easy, if you know what you're doing.

    There are no other subs except for those to be used when the L1 portion of the audio track is playing? If so, create a subtitle file with just that part and have it play by default with the L2 audio (which contains a short section (or several short sections) of the L1 track).

    Using PGCEdit to create a SetSTN command to be added as a pre-command just before the movie starts can easily set the audio and subtitle track to play. But there may be more here than meets the eye, so links to guides will wait a bit.

    Also, you seem confident that you can fix the audio the way you want. So I'm assuming you also know how to create a subtitle file suitable for authoring for DVD. But you haven't told us what you're using to reauthor this thing or how much you know, if anything, about creating subtitle files.
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