I had DVD player Phillips 5992/37 and external hard drive where I download a lot movie and movie shows.
I created 105 of main folders on the external hard drive where I store downloaded single movies and movie serials. In the some main folders movie serials stored in subfolders and single movies are stored like single file, but some main folders contained only movie serials.

Some main folders that hold up solid serials I named by the name of serials, some main folders that contained mix of subfolders and single movies was named by the date (when main folders were created, for example: 03_21_09_01.
On the current time I have 14 main folders that named by the date like:



14 main folders have different size 23G, 18G, 8G, etc.
When an external hard drive connected to PC, all folders are arranged in right order.
If they are arranged by name then the first in order are folders named by the date, than alphabetically are folders named by name of movie, If they are arranged by group first going numeric named by the date than other in alphabetical order.

When I connected the external hard drive to the USB port of 5992/37 I saw on the TV
the main folders listing on the 5992/37 is pretty clunky and strange (compared to what PCusers are accustomed to).

5992/37 assigned ordinal numbers to the all 105 main folders (show at the left upper corner of TV like 5/105, when 5 is
ordinal numbers of main folders and 105 total folder numbers on the external drive) but number assigned very chaotic
and the folder’s tree was broken, some folders named by date are located in the beginning, some folders by date are located
in the end and some folders named by date are located in the middle of broken folder tree.

And what that is very strange!!!

5992/37 assigned ordinal numbers to the all 105 main folders(on the left upper corner on TV scren, but assigned in right order only for main folders from ….._01 trough _07 than, main folders _08, _09, _11, _13 assigned not in ordinal numbers.
What mean, to main folders from ….._01 trough _07 were assigned by ordinal numbers from 25 troughs 32(….._01 trough _07) but for main folders _08, _09, _11, _13 were assigned ordinal numbers 15 for_08, 41 for _09, 17 for _11, 37 for _11.

When I switched _07 to _08 ( 05_02_09_07 became 05_02_09_08 and 05_04_09_08 became 05_04_09_07) main folders also switched location and ordinal numbers 15 of (main folders 05_04_09 was changed to ordinal number 32 of

Are very nice it is to have stuff arranged in alphabetical order until you have to scroll through a seemingly random-ordered list of folder names to find the one you want. It doesn't affect the playing of videos; it only affects the order in which folder names and file names are listed on screen.
But If Phillips 5992 software arranged the folders in some manner (not like PC) but arranged
anyway then maybe somebody can give me recommendation of how arrange folders that will be easy finding some as on PC as on Phillips 5992

Any suggestions?
Thanks in advance