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  1. Hi!

    Ive just learned how to add subtitles with Subtitle Creator
    to a full length movie with menues included and it does
    a miraculas work but how about when it comes to a DVD
    series disc with multiple episodes per disc? are there any
    application that could do the magic with not to much hussle?
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  2. How is adding subs to an episodic DVD any different than adding them to a movie, except that you have to add subs 3 or 4 or 5 times? Have you tried following the two methods outlined in this guide:

    If so, where did it fail? I can see how you might have problems if the episodes are all in the same title. Otherwise, the principle is the same as when doing it for a movie.
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  3. Good evening =) sitting here with some coffee at 2125pm in sweden
    well and i dont mind clicking all over like a mad man but i wish there
    would be a way to que the episodes, i somehow managed to screw up
    a DVD here the menu went away and i forgot to backup the main files
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