Alright newb question:

I read through alot of the articles here. I have some mkv's with subtitles that I am converting to WMV via tunebite.
Problem is mkv is really not a format its a container. Most of the files have ass subtitles I believe. We know wmp only supports sami or .smi. Therefore the subs in my mkv's do not show up in wmp, yes I know about zoom player. However till I can load zoom player on an xbox which I use as a media device we have limitations.

Now if I have read things correctly, I can use mkvextract which I already have loaded on my Vista 64 to extract the subtitle file. Then at this point I can use Subtitle Workship to convert to .smi. Correct so far? Then lastly is it as simple as using mkvmerge to bring the subtitle back in and then converting to wmv in Tunebite. Also when bringing the subtitle back in do I need to worry about timing or anything. Also on one file I would like to move the subtitle position up a little as it gets partially cut off on the TV screen.