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    Jul 2009
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    Hi guys,

    I need to get my Pioneer DV-420v-k regio free. It sucks that I can't play american dvd's here in europe !

    Help me out !


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    Oct 2004
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    Maybe you will be lucky and someone will post a hack that works. It happens sometimes. Most of requests like yours don't have a happy ending. Many DVD players cannot be made region free. That is why you should be sure a player can be made region free before you buy it.

    You can always rip the DVDs and reburn them. Ripping them will remove region codes. Or you can buy a DVD player that you are sure can be made region free.

    Hollywood has convinced just about all of the manufacturers to stop making players that can easily be made region free. It's getting more difficult all the time to find any players that can still be made region free.
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  3. If there's a hack it'll be here:

    If it's not there it can't be done.

    The 410 can be made region free, I don't know about the 420.
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