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  1. Using ffmpegX to convert AVI file to iPhone format, the end result is not one, but three files created. One is video, plays in VLC, QT or iTunes, but with no audio at all. Other two files are audio, one in MP4, one as a WAV?, neither has any audio output at all in any player. What's up with this? I simply want to watch the AVI file on my iPhone!
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  2. Anyone? Am I the only one having this problem? User error? Any help, redirection, or suggestions welcome.
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    Please post the Process Information log (accessible by clicking the blue "i" in the ffmpegX Progress window). Perhaps that log provides a clue on why ffmpegX didn't successfully convert your file, and if there is something to be done about that.

    ffmpegX is supposed to convert in steps, first the video, then the audio (in two steps for QuickTime formats, first to WAV, then to the target audio format). After that it is supposed to mux these and delete the temporary files. If an error occurs, you would be left with just the temp files.
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