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    Recently, got from a friend that was moving a very nice older 32" Panansonic HDTV from 2001. Model # CT30WX50. Great picture still on it.

    Looking to get a set top HD tuner for it so I can get OTA HD. Any suggestions on it.
    Heard from a friend that possibly a Directv receiver can do HD OTA transmission.

    Yes I know , Don't cable or want it. Watch more stuff online or rips than live tv.

    Any input would be great. Got great ideas a while ago on a great divx dvd player so I thought maybe someone would know.

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  2. That HDTV appears to have dual tuners. If they're ATSC all you need is an antenna.

    Found the manual. It looks like it only has SD tuners. So you will need an external ATSC tuner with component outputs. And the antenna. Something like this:
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