I have an Ati Radeon 7000, when connecting the 'VGA to s-video cable' to the DVI header (via a DVI - DSub converter) and booting into SaveMode I get a 'perfect' picture (it's an exact clone from a CRT connected to DSub, only in s-video quality but is 1:1). After connecting the 'VGA to s-video cable' to the DSub header I get no picture at all... (I was a little confused by that..)

I first installed the Soft-15KHz application, that did work out when the cable (VGA - S-Video) was connected to the DSub header, however I got a grayish / BW instead of color image and there was some flickering.. So therefore I installed powerstrips because I think it's a matter of adjustments...

1) Am I right, that by making adjustments a colored better picture can be achieved? (Similar to the SafeMode quality via the DVI header).
2) I searched for steps that needs to be taken when trying to get a picture on the screen, I don't have timings from my television (kv-24wx1d). So maybe there are some directions... Any help is welcome!