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    I"m a senior in high school and i'm making an independent film about a super hero. I need special effects software that is easy to use and will make my main character fly. I need epic take-offs and landings, but i have no idea what to use. I've looked at different software, but its hard to tell what they can and can't do from the descriptions. I want simple 3D effects of my character taking off, flying around, and landing, sometimes while carrying another person. I am not good with computers, and i need something that is simple, and easy to understand. Please please PLEASE send me reviews, recommendations, and websites. Thank you soooo much!

    i really don't know much about computers, but i want to learn.
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    Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but what you want simply doesn't exist on any platform. 3D modeling and effects works is complicated and requires a lot of practice and dedicated effort.

    However you can do basic green screen work with Final Cut Express, which will cover most of your flying needs much more simply.

    If you do what to look at a 3D solution that may require less effort to get started, look at Daz Studio, which has a free version, and can be used with Poser models (some of which you can download for free from the Daz website. With some careful mapping you should be able to get models that might hold for long shots of take offs and landings. You can download Daz here : and the models here :
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    Simple Green Screening will be the easiest and fastest solution
    to achieving your goals.
    I would take a look at this tutorial video, to get some idea
    of how they got the character to fly, and simulate in flight and landings.

    As kids the old George Reeves Superman trick of jumping on
    aspring board ( to simulate take off) and jumping off a soapbox
    or Crate ( to simulate landings) still has some merit as well.

    Other things that can be done to simulate long takes of characters in flight
    that can be done cheap is to film a made up of action figure of
    the main "hero" and film it in front of a green screen, while it hangs
    from wires with a fan blowing in the opposite direction of
    the character flying, thus moving his / her cape simulating movement.
    Placing the camera at a low angle, and zooming the lens out,
    will then simulate the character flying far up high ( greenscreening
    your sky in behind) will make it the composite look great.

    best of luck!
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