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  1. SingSing may have been talking specifically about using s-video.

    I also have been using HTPCs for many years. Starting with an Atari 800 in the early 80's (obviously not for DVDs in those days!), an Amiga in 1985, PCs hooked up to standard definition TVs via s-video (Matrox always had excellent s-video output, as good as a good DVD player), and now with a 1080p HDTV with pixel-for-pixel mapping (no overscan) from the graphics card via DVI/HDMI. The latter provides perfect image quality for the 1920x1080 desktop and decent scaling of lower resolution video sources.
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  2. Originally Posted by ocgw
    Originally Posted by SingSing
    Don't feel bad. Most of us only figured out PC on TV don't give you top rate pictures, after we tried it.
    I would agree that what you are saying used to be true up until 2, or 3 years ago but now if you buy a high quality HDTV and feed it blu rays and properly upscaled DVD's, it will have better pq than a entry level LCD PC monitor
    I agreed, but this is not the case here.
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    Yeah OK I understand, you had me wondering because your post seemed to read in the present tense

    it's all good homey lol


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