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    I am a private eye in TN and not very computer savvy. I have a JVC Everio model GZ-MG130U hard disk camcorder that I use for work. I use Windows Media/Movie Maker to transfer my videos to my computer. However the crucial date/time stamps that a private eye needs to be showing on a burned DVD do not appear when I transfer the video to Windows Movie Maker. I called JVC and a spokesman told me that JVC products do not convert the time stamp from the camcorder to the computer. But I have been taking my downloaded videos to a local video store and for a pricey fee (sometimes $50 to $100) they are able to create new video DVD's for me with the time stamps on them! I have read similar threads in your forums but have not seen any topics in regards to JVC HD camcorders. Is there a way I can do this myself at home and avoid the hassle and cost of going to my local video store? Is there a better video editing software out there with this time stamp transfer capability? Or a free download "patch" that would solve this problem? I read a similar time stamp post referencing a mini DV camcorder and that user solved his problem by downloading the "Enosoft DV Processor" freeware from this site so I tried the same but could not get the Enosoft software to recognize my video files on my computer. Need any help or suggestions please.... Thanks!

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    lakin007, Do not post the same topic on several forums.
    Please do not cross post, once is enough.

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