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    I am a private eye in TN and not very computer savvy. I have a JVC Everio model GZ-MG130U hard disk camcorder that I use for work. I use Windows Media/Movie Maker to transfer my videos to my computer. However the crucial date/time stamps that a private eye needs to be showing on a burned DVD do not appear when I transfer the video to Windows Movie Maker. I called JVC and a spokesman told me that JVC products do not convert the time stamp from the camcorder to the computer. But I have been taking my downloaded videos to a local video store and for a pricey fee (sometimes $50 to $100) they are able to create new video DVD's for me with the time stamps on them! I have read similar threads in your forums but have not seen any topics in regards to JVC HD camcorders. Is there a way I can do this myself at home and avoid the hassle and cost of going to my local video store? Is there a better video editing software out there with this time stamp transfer capability? Or a free download "patch" that would solve this problem? I read a similar time stamp post referencing a mini DV camcorder and that user solved his problem by downloading the "Enosoft DV Processor" freeware from this site so I tried the same but could not get the Enosoft software to recognize my video files on my computer. Need any help or suggestions please.... Thanks!
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    I believe your camera does not record in the mini-DV format, but in mpeg-2 in a propriety format (mod files, I believe). The date stamp information is then stored in separate files. While there are several applications that handle date stamp information for mini-Dv tapes, and can either burn the information into the image or create subtitle files for DVD authoring, there is very little in the same vein for your camera.

    One method is to do an analogue capture, and turn the date/time display on in the camera before playing the video. It is not as simple as doing it all digitally, but it will give you what you want.

    Perhaps the software that came with the camera can help ?
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  3. if it's an HD everio cam the jvc external dvd burner can do what you want. but the model you list i believe is an SD only cam.

    Product Summary
    Manufacturer: JVC
    Mfg Part#: CUVD40US
    UPC: 00046838030901 Sku: 204310613
    Item#: E2RQ9G Sales Rank: 62040
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    Everio�s DIRECT DVD button enables one-touch launching of the DVD-Video disc burning process. It�s smart so you can even use it to automatically transfer only newly recorded data to the burner, just the scenes you manually select, or pre-select using the Playlist.

    High-speed transfer means you can create a 1-hour DVD (4GB) in about 30 minutes! So you can minimize the time your Everio stays on your desk and get it out to where the action is.

    You can choose to superimpose the recording date and time info on the DVD playback screen (HD EVERIO models only). And when burning a DVD, a Menu screen is automatically created according to the Event Icon theme that has been selected.

    Everio SHARE STATION is not limited to use with Everio. When connected to your PC, it can be used as an external DVD burner for your videos and data, too.
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  4. Just read your old post on transferring minidv to dvd strips time stamp. Did you solve it?
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