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  1. I was concentrating on a particular subtitle because newer versions of DVDFlick have a problem with splitting a subtitle into a 3rd line with a single word displayed (see Screenshot). At any rate, in the srt file, this subtitle has a start and stop time of:

    01:00:19,200 --> 01:00:26,000
    This must be extremely difficult, to rely on
    a stranger, a woman, a foreign woman,

    But, after I make the DVD with DVDFlick, (and played with MPC or KM Player) now the start and stop time is 1:00:16 to 1:00:22. ( No problem with sync.) Then when I use DVDSubEdit on the DVD, (see Screenshot, red circle) the same subtitle is now 1:00:46 to 1:00:53.
    My question is: Why is the subtitle time inconsistent and change from 1:00:19 (srt file) to 1:00:16 (playing DVD)
    to 1:00:46 (DVDSub Edit)?

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  2. The 1:00:19 to 1:00:16 is easy. The former assumes 29.97fps (Dropframe timing) while the latter assumes 30fps (Non-Dropframe timing). I don't know about DVDSubEdit. As long as the subs are in synch, that's all that matters, but different programs handle it differently and they don't always wind up in synch. They're usually easy to fix, though, if you understand what's going on.
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