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    Is there a way to boost the audio level of a video (generally Flash) playing in your browser, such as something off Hulu or Youtube?

    In the same way that ffdshow or MPC allows you to normalize volume or boost the preamp with a video file, is there a filter that will work with audio coming from your web browser? (I use Firefox)

    The reason I ask is that although my laptop speakers are loud, sometimes the source video on ther website is low, and I'd like to be able to boost the volume. It hasn't been a problem with video files using ffdshow or MPC, but haven't been able to figure out a way to do it with web video.

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    I haven't seen any method to allow flash to use third part decoders for video or audio. It would also be good for example decoding h264 using coreavc for slower computers.

    (without download the video first and play it using mpc then).
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