Hey Folks,

I am new to this so would ask for your patience.
I am looking for a good looking external multimedia player, I have went through a few so far i.e Lacie, Cyclone Sumvision and even tried out an Apple TV unit. Apple TV was by far the best in appearance off and on screen. I like to scroll throuh movies by the artwork, is there any alternative than the ATV that lets you do this, I find most units i have googled look like a database rather than an impressive media player.

Now i might sound stupid, can you add software to these units to overwrire the rubbish interface the manufacturer has installed. i.e I quite liked the look of the Lacie one but the interface looks like Teletext !!!!

Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you very much, any questions just ask.

oh, I wasnt keen on the ATV as i dont want to keep any files on my PC at all and it syncs or streams from itunes.

Thanks, Mark

ps: if anyone has something they condsider pretty awsome, some photos would be good.