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    I have recently realised that the 77 episodes of my favorite TV Series that I have had on videotape for about 10 years is physically deteriorating along with my 10 year old video player... the sound is getting garbled on tapes 3 and 4 already...

    Solution? Better copies (they were taped in the early days of OnDigital in the UK and there is quite an amount of interference on the tapes) onto disk.
    To that end I have managed to locate and download the entire collection (89 episodes) - approximately half are in flv files and the rest are avi files (details below). To arrange them in a play order would mean some flv files then a few avi files then another flv file, etc, etc

    The actual problem is that as I would prefer to watch them on television as opposed to watching them on the computer it seems to make sense to burn them to DVD's that would be playable on a DVD player.
    How do I do that? I am a complete Video Noob... After a weekend googling I arrived at Corel VideoStudio Pro and it looked to be the best thing I had seen since Friday but then I saw that it will take avi files as input but no flv.
    And as for the export, so far in my brief learning period, I was expecting VOB files - no mention.

    Help. Is this possible? Will Corel VideoStudio Pro be able to do it? If not, can anyone point me in the right direction..?

    Many thanks in advance


    sample file details:

    Series #1
    flv files:
    Video Codec ID: avc1
    Video Codec name: H264
    Audio: mp4a AAC

    Series #2
    avi files:
    Video Bitrate: 806kb/s, 876kb/s, 975kb/s
    Bits / Pixel: 0.148, 0.184, 0.161, 0.179
    Resolution: 544x400
    Frames Per Second: 25.000

    Series #3
    avi files:
    Frame width: 512, 544, 528,
    Frame height: 384, 416, 400,
    Data rate kbps: 111, 131, 127, 123, 16,
    Total bitrate kbps: 134, 132, 135, 126, 143
    Frames/Second: 25
    Audio bit rate kbps: 134, 132, 128, 126, 127

    Series #4
    Video Bitrate kb/s: 913, 542, 1031, 988
    bits / pixel: 0.186, 0.110, 0.210
    Resolution: 512x384
    Frames/Second: 25
    Audio Codec MPEG-1 Layer 3
    Audio Bitrate VBR 48000 Hz kb/s: 123, 122, 125, 124

    Series #5
    Source: PDTV
    Video Codec 2PASS XviD 512x384 25.000FPS kb/s: 1022, 507, 757, 1056
    Audio Codec MP3 48000Hz kb/s: 124, 125,

    Series #6
    Source: PDTV DVB-T
    Video Codec 2PASS XviD 512x384 25.000FPS kb/s: 939,
    Audio Codec MP3 48000Hz kb/s: 123,
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    You might be better-off with ConvertXtoDVD (cheaper and easier to use).
    If you want freeware, try DVD Flick.
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    thanks usta - that DVD Flick looks like it might be good. I'll give it an installation...
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