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    The satellite channel I am recently working for is using Edius.
    I take some AVI clips From the satellite channel to edit at my house where I use premiere CS4.

    The trouble is that when I import these AVI's clips to premiere CS4 I get error ( Can not be imported)
    Do I need to convert this Avi To another type of Avi?

    I tried to convert it to .MOV and had same problem?

    What is the deffirence between AVI Format made by Edius and the AVI format made by Premiere?

    What are the video Converters that you suggets fro me in this case?

    Thanks for helping me?
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    AVI (MOV) are container formats. That is, the content is defined by the codec used to encode the video and audio data before it is placed in the container. You need to have the matching codec installed on your PC so Premiere can load it.

    Step one is to use a tool like mediainfo to determine what codecs are being used to pack the video and audio into the AVI container.

    Step two is to install the same codecs on your system at home, and hope that Premiere can use them to read the video. You will also probably find that you need to encode the video using the same codec if you want to load it back into the Edius system after you are done with it.

    Edit : I just saw your duplicate post, which mentions using a Mac at home. I would suggest you work out what you can use on your Mac, and output from Edius accordingly. Mac codec support is, frankly, limited. You also need to understand how much damage re-encoding can do to your quality, and choose codecs that are lossless if possible. This will mean moving very large files around on portable drives though.
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    gunslinger is right: Your best bet to be able to edit the files at home,
    will be to:

    1. Export from Edius your clips to a DV Stream or AVI-DV Stream file,
    which will make the files quite large ( 13gb per hour) but widely
    editable by any program on a Mac ( FCE, FCP, iMovie, MpegStreamclip).

    2. Save these exported files to a large capacity Firewire drive
    ( matching FW specs on your Mac, whether it has FW400 or FW800)
    so as to provide fast transfers, no loss in frames while editing, and easy
    transport between work and home. Now if your PC at work
    doesn't have onboard FW, then you'll need to get it equipped also.
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