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    A friend of mine came to me with the problem, figured I'd see if anyone here can give it a go, since I'm not using W7 yet.

    "I have encountered a computer problem that I have not been able to fix myself, so I thought I might as well ask here if anyone can help (wouldn't hurt).

    I currently on a Dual OS setup, with XP 32 bit and Windows 7 RC 7100 64 bit. I have 2 hard drives (same model) with 4 partitions one for each OS one for Documents and temp storage, and one for storage. One thing that makes it a little tricky is that in XP, drive C: is XP D: Windows 7 E: Documents F: Storage, but in Windows 7 C: is Windows 7 D: XP E: Storage F: Documents. My problem is that in Windows 7 i can't access the drive with my documents on (the F: drive). I get an Access Denied error and it shows as empty.

    When I right click on the drive and select properties there is no security tab, but if I go through the Administrative Tools and Device Management I do get a security tab. I have changed the permissions to full control on all user accounts, but it didn't change anything.

    I can access the drive in XP and if I boot Windows 7 in Safe Mode i can actually access the drive, but i still can't figure out what it is that blocks me."

    Any ideas why he's having this problem?
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  2. He may need to assume ownership of the folders first.
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  3. Originally Posted by Denvers Dawgs
    in Windows 7 i can't access the drive with my documents on (the F: drive). I get an Access Denied error and it shows as empty.
    Any chance drive F overlaps with the CD/DVD drive? If so, assign a higher letter to the CD/DVD drive. I've had this happen.
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    I figured that 1 out, it has nothing to do with ownership, you have to go to "Documents" properties and include drive F: in "Documents"

    Right click on "Documents" and select radio button "include a folder", and add the whole drive

    You have to do the same thing with your music folder if your music isn't on the C: drive, so that when you rip CD's with Media Player they go into your music folder


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