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  1. Owning a Nvidia 8800 GT I'm always on the look out for CUDA apps to speed up encoding.

    Cyberlink MediaShow Espresso was posted on this board yesterday so I quickly gave it a try.

    It has a simple slick interface like Badaboom with output options to most mobile devices. Early cuda apps seem to limit enduser tweaking of output files...

    Well, simple said it works and is as fast as Badaboom and handles batch encoding which badaboom doesn't.

    I like to convert tv series DVDs down per episode so I fed it 4 .vobs (around 43 minutes each). The output was set to Apple touch 480 X 292 .mp4 (widescreen).

    Each episode converted in under 6 minutes to around 290M files.

    The quality looked great and was in sync. Of course it's not much of a test of quality at 480 X 292 but it looks like a great app so far. I've just started throwing some 1920 X 1080 HF20 24Mpx files at it which it seems to be able to handle as well.. nice.

    I realize not everyone has a higher end Nvidia videocard and most here are religous about output encoding details but this app look like a must have for Nvidia owners!
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  2. The more knowledgable around here already would know this but...

    Cyberlink MediaShow Espresso is very quick utilizing the GPU for encoding but when encoding to anything but .264 the GPU will NOT be utilized. The minute I tried to encode files to .MPG2, WMV, or DIVX the CUDA symbol disappeared apparently letting my CPU do the work.

    Maybe the parallel pogramming is just suited for .264 work or since the CUDA apps are relatively new this is just the first step...

    Would have been nice to be able to quickly convert the AVCHD down to other formats but still happy with the speed increase to my Apple touch.
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