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  1. As i describe in the header that's what hapens. I merged allot of smaller videos to make one big one. I had to edit each video to get the speciffic scenes i required from my end result. I did all this editing with magix's own tools.
    Bellow is the graph of the combined videos with the effects i used and the program interface.

    I used a simple crossfade effect between scenes (fade to black-appear from black for video and fade out-in for audio), a noise filter between 4:30-5:00m and two texts appearing at about the end.
    The problem occurs between some of the objects, not all. To be speciffic,
    as i zoon in between 10 and about 22 secs you can see the area within the two red markers (about 19.3-21sec).

    That's the area where the audio is muted, or rather will be muted. The audio loss is also present during preview and after the whole file has been processed/compressed. The odd thing is that if i preview starting from let's say 20secs, the audio is heard as clean as you can see it in the graph. And if i try to preview from 17secs then less sound is lost, about 1 sec, as opposed to 3secs if i preview the videos from the start (11secs). However, when i compress the thing, the maximun amount of sound is lost always.
    I have no idea why this happens. I have made other videos and they mixed fine. The only difference is that i use FRAPS clips right now, which by all means should be better for processing, not worse.

    Some last info:
    If i don't use effects the same thing happens in the same videos/objects.
    I got my videos from FRAPS clips so it's pretty much almost uncompressed video and PCM 44khz stereo uncompressed sound.
    More codec details : Video Codec = FPS1, FRAPS Codec. Audio Codec = PCM Audio - 44100Hz 1411 kb/s tot (2 chnls). (Info taken from Gspot v2.70a)

    Bottom line, HELP!!
    -Good Things Come to Those Who Wait-
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  2. Ok, i fixed it by restoring the default program settings.
    Some kind of odd setting, i dunno? In anycase it works fine now.
    Closing i would like to sugest this program to any movie maker enthusiast like myself. It's the second best program for editing video in my opinion (virtualdubmod is first - so small yet so amazingly functional).
    -Good Things Come to Those Who Wait-
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